Monday, June 28, 2010

Shanloth from the Meath Anthology


You could set your watch

By the fields around Shanloth

Especially on warm summer evenings

When the creosote dribbles down the gate posts

And the rocks in the river bed

Are painted dry by July

Half past eight and the hawk hangs no hands

Above the acropolis of Neville’s old house

He’s spoiled for choice and opts for

A colossus of copper beach ten minutes later

It will be nearing nine when the big shorthorns

Begin to make elbow their way

Through the sheep on Canty’s Hill

By ten all will have disappeared under

An avalanche of night

And only the moon will strike the hour

Over the pyramids of Egypt

Tommy Murray

From Counting Stained glass Windows Lapwing 2009

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Evening at Trim Castle

Evening at Trim Castle

A glimpse of countless bats
In airy flight
Their exploits never fail to enthral
I marvel at their superhuman sight
At sunset as they buzz the castle wall

Tommy Murray

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Meath Junior Writer's Group

Now that the group have b roken up for the summer 23 young writers have submitted their work for the forthcoming publication 'Paper Trails' It's the last call for three of the young writers including Hope Flemming Sweeney, Aoife Finnegan and Clara Harlin. It is hoped to launch the book early in September when arts officer Geradette Baily will be asked to do the honours.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Irish Life and Lore Series

Meath Oral History Collection edited by Maurice O'Keefe was launched tonight (16th June 2010)by Councillor William Carey and features the memories of a number of Meath people including yours truely. Each of the participants received a CD with their photograph on the sleeve. A milestone in the history of the county is how one of the speakers described the launch. The CDs will now go on sale worldwide

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Certificate of Merit

Delighted to receive a certificate of Merit in this year's Golden Pen awards in Gurteen Co. Galway for my poem 'Lemming'


I remember the moment
You, lying there
Immaculate in pinstripe and cuff links
And the tie you only wore to weddings
The broad grin fixed
For all eternity

You blew your chance then
Of growing old gracefully
Missed out on memories
Pipe smoke and slippers
Sunsets of affection

You might have been famous
Graced the top tables
Taken your place
On pedestals and podiums
Had you not decided to leave?
When you did, and so suddenly

You could have taken it all in your stride
Laurel wreath and golden handshake
And yes, you also missed out on
Crow’s feet and quackery
Weeks of wet Mondays
And endless obituaries