A Meath Anthology

in what has been described as being one of the most important literary events to take place in Meath the forthcoming launch of 'A Meath Anthology '  in the Navan Library on Wednesday 30 th  is beinf awaited with much excitement. The work contains poetry by such notables as Seamus Heaney, W B Yeats, Jonathon Swift, Evan Boland, Thomas Kinsella as well as poetry by locals such as Tommy Murray and Eamon Cooke.
Edited by poet Tom French and with an introduction by Patrick Duffy the Anthology runs to 140 pages is perfectly bound.  It costs 20 euro

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  1. I have recently discovered a book of Tommy Murrays poetry and fell in love with it. Unfortunately I was not allowed to take the book with me as it had a previous owner! Can I buy it online anywhere or is it only available in Meath?

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