Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Meath Junior Writer's Group

Now that the Junior Group is meeting again and looking forward to having their book 'Paper Trails' hitting the shelves It seems such a long haul going over all those poetry forms again. We began with the Haiku on the first day back and next Saturday we will go on to the Tanka. Over the coming weeks we will deal with some of the basic forms such as Diamante, Cinquain, Yenga and
Arcostic before going on to the Villannelle, Sestina and Sijo. The Sigo is in fact my own favourite form and comes from Korea. An interesting but very short form is the Charita from the far east and is little more than a plot for a short story.
Clerhews are fun especially when directed at another member. The Sonnet especially the Shakespearean Sonnet is challenging but is mainly reserved for the older members of the group.
Over the years we had some bright members and it is still hard to forget young Niamh Birmingham
from Navan who when she left was able to write poetry in as many as 38 different forms

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