Monday, October 11, 2010

The Stony Thursday Book and The Bard of Armagh

Absolutely delighted that my poem Cliff-Hangers is to be published in this year's Stony Thursday Book, Just received word from Limerick City Arts Officer Sheila Deegan. The launch will take place at the Daghgha in St, John's Square at 7 pm on Thursday 14th October. The launch , which will be performed by poet and editor Mark Whelan is part of the Cuisle festival
Having a poem in a publication such as 'The Stony Thursday Book is something of a milestone as it is funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.
The Stony Thursday book will be on sale from this week cost 10 euro

The Bard of Armagh
November looks like being a busy month because I am just after receiving word from John Makem that I am in the final of the Bard of Armagh contest. That takes place in the Armagh City Hotel on Friday 19th November. Maybe it will be third time lucky because I have been runner up on two previous occasions.
Then there is that reading in Drogheda on the 24th
Having narrowly missed out in 2004 and 2005 the possibility of holding the Poet of Fingal and Bard of Armagh trophies at the same time is on again this year. The first leg of this illusive double is already up and there are only seven other poets between myself and it. Anyway looking forward to meeting John Makem , Frank Galligan. It's always a great occasion


Tipi couldn’t have known

What she was letting herself in for

The clans, the cliques the coteries

The outrageous behaviour

Assassins all, I say

Serial killers

And who’s for murder, she might have asked

Or matricide

Even thuggery

Thievery too

As for promiscuity

And polygamy

And adult homosexual couplings

These too

And the last thing

She would have thought was gang rape

Oh yes, it was all out there

Just a cliff away

In a Hitchcockian swirl

Of screaming gulls and guillemots

Messages of congratulation still coming in----

susanna DunneYesterday, 10:51 AM

Hi TommyMurry


to you on your Brilliant" news. :thumbs:

Also would like to wish you every success and the best off luck.

AineYesterday, 11:54 AM

Excellent news. Well done! :thumbs:


Helen46Yesterday, 3:45 PM

Well done Tommy,


James F Linnane7:19 PM

Well done Tommy,you're definitely on a roll these days,fair play to you,James.


  1. Congratulations Tommy, well done.


  2. Thanks Michael I will post the poem on the site now

  3. Tommy, get someone to record that on the night. Congratulations on shortlist.

  4. Thanks for that Frank and indeed for all the encouragement from yourself and Michael

  5. Michael ! I hope that you will come to Armagh with me this time? The last time you came was quite exciting

  6. Thanks to James from Ballivor for his kind words


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