Saturday, November 20, 2010

No Joy in the Orchard County

While I was delighted to be among the finalists in this year's Bard of Armagh contest I could be forgivin for being just a little disappointed that my contribution didn't do quite as well as on previous years. It was a night to remember in more ways than one not the least being meeting the Queen of England herself. She didn't fool me though because I knew that it was none other than Jimmy Rafferty giving his impression of herself and going on to win the competition. Jimmy who won the title on three previous occasions was hilarious and the fact that he is a little plumper than the monarch only adds to the overall performance. Other consolation on the evening was meeting my old friend John Makem and the Donegal Poet Frank Galligan. I first became acquainted with Frank's work when i was published alongside him in The Donegal literary Review ( The Ratpit ).
I would have loved to have published my photo taken with John Makem but as John is about six foot four and there wasn't even the semblance of an orange box around I will have to abstain from this particular egotistical exercise.
next year? well I'm not sure because the value of spending time on hilarity and satire is something that i will have to look at .

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