Thursday, December 9, 2010

Liam O Meara on the Francis Ledwidge Awards

The Yeti

I’m with Darwin on this one

Huxley and Hooker too

So instead of trekking across

Desolate mountain ranges

Looking for a seven foot tall

Semi-celibate recluse

I would expect to come face to face

With a race of ungainly

Auburn haired introverts

A promiscuous assemblage

Of loose limbed athletic types

With just a hint of hairiness

Brown eyed beings

Fighting for space in a sort of

Malthusian nightmare

And of course they would have digital cameras

And the office party

Would be the highlight of their year

Despite appalling weather some braved the hazardous roads to attend the annual Francis Ledwidge International Awards presentation.The competition was oganised by the Inchicore Ledwidge Society. There was a selection of sandwiches provided and some welcome hot coffee available. There was even a magician to help dispel the gloom of the artic conditions and the impending budget. He could make coins vanish with the dexterity of Brian Lenihan, but was powerless to do anything about the snow. Rachael Hegarty took centre stage and showed why she has previously been nominated for the Hennessey and the Francis Mac Manus prizes. She was born in Dublin and educated in Boston, Massachusetts and Trinity College, Dublin. Her narrative poem “Lament for Colm Owens,” dealing with gangland crime, was an unusual choice for this year’s Ledwidge award, but one that proved very popular. Orla Martin, placed Third, gave a delightful performance of her poem “Europa.” This year, entries came from Peru, Canada, USA, UK, and various places throughout Ireland. There was a particularly strong showing by Meath and Cavan writers. The Society’s chairman, Liam O' Meara, complimented Tommy Murray for the knowledge and encouragement he has imparted to young writers in Meath and he read Mr Murray’s commended poem “Yeti” in his absence.

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