Sunday, March 13, 2011

Memories of Writer's Week in Listowel

This is the third of over two hundred poems which I intend to post on this website over the coming months. They come from my collections 'Something Beginning with Spring' -- 'Tales from the Echo Gate'--'The Boyne' and my latest 'Counting Stained Glass Windows' I wrote this poem while on a visit to Writer's Week some years back.

On Reading Two Poems at Writer’s Week

To Listowel I came to savour

That Brigadoon of pubs and pints

Pathways lined with waving quills

Climb perhaps

The odd creative hill


Just hoping

To stroll along some quiet shore

Listen to the ebb and flow

Maybe hear the distant breakers roar


Between the twin peaks

Of Brian and John B

I stood upon a mountain top

And gazed across the sea

And later in the harbour

In view of everyone

I walked lightly on the water

Out into the sun

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