Monday, July 4, 2011


Very reluctant to move on from my day on the bog but it would be less than generous if I failed to congratulate the Boyne Writers on their great win in the Battle of the Books, and in particular Michael Farry whose failure to get ten marks for his take on the proclaimation was to say the least equally heartening and mysterious.  I'm afraid it is just two cheers for the judges who brought gasps to the crowd on more than one occasion for their failure to grasp most of what was going on. An example was my own piece which they said was outdated despite the fact that it include references to such as Jedward, Lowry, The Queen Healy Rae Michael D Higgins, among others.
As a matter of interest we have sacked the timekeeper and sent details to the DPP

Well done Tommy,you can hold your head high and all the team members were valiant. Congratulations also to the Boyne Writers'   Mick  Sheils


  1. Very generous praise and well done to the Meath Writers Circle. I'm already getting nervous anticipating the backlash next year!

  2. I don't think so Michael. That won't work again


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