Thursday, July 7, 2011

Two New Books

For those who ordered their copies of Famine Trilogy at 5 euro I am delighted to announce that copies of the book will be delivered from next Wednesday.  Just got a glimpse of the proofs and I am delighted with the quality and layout.  Famine Trilogy  is in  presentation  format, will be a limited edition

'Haunted Meath' which is a much larger book has three offers from publishers and I have to make a decision by Monday next.  There are over three hundred orders for this book and the names of the three publishers are (Nonsuch, The History Press.)  (Shackleton)  and a private individual .   At the moment it is between  The History Press and Shackleton.

There will be no launch for the Famine Trilogy but there will be a launch for 'Haunted Meath.'

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