Sunday, November 13, 2011

Armistice Day and other Events

Considering number of clashing events most of the readings were well attended.  Thursday night in Dunboyne Library attracted about forty people most pf whom read something.  Tom French was MC for the evening and the Meath Writer's Circle was represented by James Linnane and myself.
Strictly speaking James is not a member of our group but his willingness to travel at short notice makes me wish that he was.   Some lovely singers in Dunboyne and i got a chance to read my favourite poem, Adlestrop which was written by Edward Thomas, himself  a victim of the great war
I had to miss the Navan Reading next morning as I had that meeting with Poetry Ireland in Stephen's Green and I expect to hear something from that quarter this week.
I got a chance to read some poems for the Poetry Ireland people and I choose 'Culvert' and 'Once on Tara's Plain.'  Both were well received. 
'Culvert' won the first of my three Poet of Fingal awards and 'Once on Tara's Plain' featured on  Ulster TV
Then on Saturday morning it was a full house for the Junior Classes in the Navan Library

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