Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The one that missed the boat

When my latest collection 'Swimming with Dolphins' is published I will be just that little bit sad that one of my favourite poems will have to be left out.  It is an observation on one of my favourite artists Henry John Yeend King.  Still I have little doubt that the poem will get it's day in the sun at some stage in the future.  It is published here

  Henry John Yeend King

Your days roll out
Like a carpet patterned
With milk maids and snow white geese

And who’s the pretty maiden
With the coal scuttle bonnet
Flirting with the ferryman

And how’s the fishing boys
And aren’t the roses looking good
Charlotte or is it Emily.

Would that I could dwell
From dawn ‘till dusk, immerse myself
In hues and tints

Eavesdrop on those liaisons
Listen to laughter of the gander
In the morning

The chuckle of the moorhen
In the rushes, loiter aimlessly
By rustic bridges

Pondering dragonflies
And mayflies and subtle conspiracies, but
For the moment

Let’s just stroll along
The fern edged path gathering snapdragons
And marigolds as we go.

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  1. Good one Tommy, I'll get back to have a look at that!


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