Sunday, January 1, 2012

Winter Evening

When Gerry Wills, a teacher in St. Patrick's Classical school  from Navan was a member of the Meath Writer's Circle  He wrote some wonderful poems.  He was also winner of the Golden Pen Competition.
Posted here is one of his poems,  'Winter Evening'

Winter Evening

A wind from the graveyard blew death
Down the hill along the river
Hands in pockets sank
In gathering wells of cold
Turned up collars caught it
The shapes of things grew bigger
As the night released their forms
Beneath the cutting rain the people shrank
And hurried home

Gerry Wills Navan


  1. Thanks Michael and the same to yourself and Josephine. See you on the 12th


  2. Hope Gerry is still writing. Happy New Year to all there!

  3. Same to you and Peggy and i could never see Gerry giving it up. Actually I have a complete file of his work



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