Friday, February 17, 2012

Just across the road from the Dail

My Day with Poetry Ireland

Name dropping is something that I never intend to indulge in so forgive me if I mention just some of the people that I met in the new offices of Poetry Ireland at 32 Kildare Street yesterday (Thursday Yesterday)  From Belfast came Deirdre Alexander, she actually writes for Fair City. From Wicklow Danielle Alison and Ted Ryan all the way from the States were just a few of the luminaries plus of course Poetry Ireland staff Anna Boner, Moira Cardiff  and Seamus Cashman who I remember from the time he was with The Wolfhound Press.  He eventually rejected my book on antiques and I had to serialise it in The Farmers Journal.  It was nice too to meet Enda Coyle Greene a friend of that wonderful writer Eileen Casey whose poem ‘All Souls’ is unforgettable and whom I have been published alongside in several anthologies 

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