Friday, April 13, 2012

Book Sales

The main purpose of this site is to sell books.  With a name like Meath Books it couldn't have any other purpose. It is not Amazon or WHsmith but it is moderately successful in what it tries to do.  Yesterday was not a typical day , actually it was a successful day with the sale of one copy of 'Images of Meath' and  five copies of 'Swimming with Dolphins'  Tomorrow will see the sale of two copies of 'Swimming With Dolphins'   That massive transaction will take place in the Navan Library and then it's off to Limerick until Tuesday to check in O Mahoney's  and a few other places. One of the longest running periods for a book to remain unsold is "Famine Trilogy'  which is actually going nowhere. However, sales are not everything and Famine Trilogy is a publication  of which I am extremely proud

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