Monday, April 2, 2012

'Haunted Meath' the End in Sight

Putting the finishing touches to this book which has been in the pipeline now for too long what with hold ups and all sorts of problems.  The way ahead looks clear now and just a few insights reveal that there will be very few pictures and  well over one hundred pages.   Just because I am putting the finishing touches to the book that doesn't mean that it will be on the shelves soon, four months i would imagine would be about right. Having said that it could be on the shelves in a fortnight but with stories coming in and being rejected and written up there was always the chance that I would never finish it.  Content wise there are stories from most parts of the county, there will be a launch and as many as three hundred people have ordered copies.  On and off I have been the best part of ten years collecting the stories.  From the outset I have aimed at comprehensive source material so that all of the stories are original  The cover will feature a well known Meath landmark in silhouette.

The Cover looked like it came from a Hitchcock film, but it looks very cool amidst the misty day, the grey skies, the spooky looking trees with gnarled branches and squawking crows

This is how one American writer described the cover

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