Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Book Sales Update

"Swimming with Dolphins" will have to sell seven more copies to equal "Once on Tara's Plain" and a further two to equal the sales of "Famine Trilogy" and a massive fifty more to equal "The Boyne and other Poems"
With less than four months since it appeared  it still has plenty of time to catch up.   It is unlikely however, that any of these will come anywhere near the two thousand nine hundred copies of "Meath Voices that were sold in the first year and are still available on Amazon WHsmith and Blackwells and Eason's.  I dont have figure for "Counting Stained Glass Windows" but my very first poetry collection," Something Beginning with Spring" which was published in the early eighties sold three hundred and thirty in the first month. 
My folk and Ghost Story collection is now with the publisher and is being chopped and changed as new stories come in.   It is all so bloody boring.  
The following list is in chronological order

Memorable Meath Views
Something Beginning with Spring
Where Was Wellington Born ? 
Stella's Cottage
Once on Tara's Plain
The Boyne and other Poems
Trim, Looking Back
Voices of Trim
Meath Voices
Images of Meath
With the Boyne Through Trim

Counting Stained Glass Windows
Famine Trilogy
Swimming With Dolphins

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