Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Counting Headstones

Seems to be that I am destined to count more than just stained Glass Windows. How many times in recent years have I tried to count the headstones in Newtown cemetery without success because of the fact that it was impossible to see most of them what with all the undergrowth and briars and in particularly the elder trees.
The elder tree may be associated with the town of Trim but they sure didn’t look too well out in the cemetery.  Then last Tuesday I decided to pay a visit to the cemetery it was a beautiful evening just what one would expect right in the middle of St. Luke’s summer.   Well I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there had been quite a lot of work going on out there since my last visit.   The beautiful yew trees had been cleaned up and the elder had been cut and checked and it was easy to negotiate a path through the cemetery.  It was a case of ‘A lot done more to do but having said that I have to say huge congratulations to the young Trim man who took on the job all on his own.

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