Monday, October 1, 2012

Golden Rhymes

HTTP://HOMEPAGE.EIRCOM./~THEWRITERSCIRCLEGolden Rhymes, which is the title of a collection of poems written by the members of the Meath Junior Writers Group will be going to the printer on Monday next.   The collection contains the work of 26 young poets from Meath but mostly from the Navan area.
Published here is a sample of work by 13 year old Sarah McShane from Navan.  Sarah attends St. Michael's Loreto

I Have Gone

I have gone from your world
But it doesn’t mean I am not here
I will always be close
Close to your heart

My laughter will echo
Around the gloomy corridors
And make even the darkest corner alight

My constant chatter
Will always echo around
Filling the ears of those who await

I will always be there
Even if you do not see me
I will always be there

Even in the darkest times
Even in the times when all is well
I will always be there

I will share your sadness
I will share your laughter
I will share with you my life

Just remember I am always there
You may not see me but I am here
We will se each other soon again

I love you all
And I shall love you
I’m sorry I’ve gone from your world

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