Saturday, May 7, 2011

May Meeting

The May Meeting of the Meath Writer’s Circle

After two meetings in which the attendance had dropped below eight the May meeting saw the biggest attendance so far with only two members absent.  By 8 pm we had thirteen present and that was causing endless anxiety for me because I am a bit superstitious and the thought of maybe having to announce that the meeting was over was not something that I looked forward to.  I had always heard that when thirteen sit down at a table the first one to leave might be tempting fate.   Then it happened who should stroll in but Mark Doyle closely followed by Moira Lawlor, fifteen now I could settle down and get on with the business of reading and listening. 
It was something of a happy occasion to welcome two new members and the fact that they are both embers of the Scurlogstown Olympiad was even better still.
 Packing up after the meeting

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