Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Listowel Writers Week

Several enquiries asking me am I going to the Writers Week this year, one yesterday from Eileen Kavanagh from Ratoath who was a member of the Writer’s Circle?  This year the week runs from the 1s to the 5th June.   Haven’t decided yet but without the presence of JB and Brian it won’t be the same.
Anyway here is a poem that I wrote for these two stalwarts some time back.  A metaphorical exercise
in free verse, I would imagine

On Reading Two Poems at Writer’s Week

To Listowel I came
To savour
That Brigadoon of pubs and pints
Pathways lined with waving quills

Climb perhaps
The odd creative hill

Just hoping
To stroll along some quiet shore
Listen to the ebb and flow
Maybe hear the distant breakers roar

Between the twin peaks
Of Brian and John B
I stood upon a mountain top
And gazed across the sea

And later in the harbour
In view of everyone
I walked lightly on the water
Out into the sun

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