Friday, January 6, 2012

A Poem for after Christmas

Published here is a poem that I wrote during the festive season.  Last evening it was published on the Writing4all website my fourth poem to be published so far this year.

Christmas 2011

We arranged baubles
Tinkered with lights

Gift wrapped socks, boxes
Until our green plastic tree positively glowed

We puzzled over streamers
Paper angels, snow

Sagging decorations
Shopping days to go

We choose greeting cards
With Santa’s and sleighs

And gnarls of lacquered holly
And when the star appeared

We wondered even more
Tried to find a place for it all
In the real Christmas story

1 Comment so far from the writing4all website
Lovely Tommy, great atmosphere of Christmas in this poem


And on

Facebook    Janette Laffan Spot on.3 hours ago ·

Janette wrote: "You captured the pre Christmas day mood there."

thumbs up

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