Thursday, February 9, 2012

Conor Callaghan, an amazing story

Connor Callaghan lived in a little cottage on the edge of the great bog near Kilskyre in County Meath with his wife Mary.  They were a fairly life sufficient couple having their own cow, pig and poultry.  Nor did they want for firewood because every morning Connor used to go out into the bog and collect bracken for the fire.  Now this wasn’t as easy as it sounds because to get to the bog Connor had to cross over a very deep bog stream by means of a tree that had fallen there some years earlier.  Getting back was harder because Connor would have the extra burden of a large bundle of bracken.   There was a bit of a knack in crossing the tree and if the tree moved while he was crossing he could find himself and the bundle of bracken in the bog stream.
On this particular morning Connor had gathered his bundle and was about to return home when to his surprise he spotted a stranger in the bog.   He was even more surprised too find that the stranger was immaculately dressed.  “Good morning sir,” said Connor. “What brings you to these parts?”
“I’m here,” said the stranger, “Looking for a man named Connor Callaghan.”
“Well my name is Connor Callaghan,”

This is one of the stories that I will be telling at the story telling night  in Jack Quin's pub this Saturday night

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