Sunday, June 17, 2012

Haymaking Festival

A great day at the Haymaking Festival, read a few poems sold a few books and met a famous writer, Shauna Gilligan from Newbridge.   Quite a few visitors to the Writer's Hut including the man himself, Pat Farrelly.  Richard Haworth dropped in to say hello as did Colin Rayfus and a few others.  Willie Hodgins acknowledged our presence with a brief nod and a splash of official yellow, but then he was extremely busy.
The next meeting of the Meath Writers Circle will be on Thursday 5th July in the Trim castle hotel at 7.30pm.
 anyway here's my thoughts on the day that's in it, Fathers Day

Father’s Day

We knew that mother’s day
Would be a hard act to follow

Flowers were out
Make up, a mockery

We considered chocolates
A lying in state of succulent shapes
With a blue ribbon and a bar code

Before settling for a selection of scratch cards
And a prayer

That you would win enough
To boost our inheritance

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