Monday, June 18, 2012

Just a bit nervous about visiting St. Joseph's School in Navan as I probably know most of the students from my Creative Writing class across the road in the library.   That's happening on Wednesday morning at 9.30.
Then on Thursday evening it's off to Moynalvey to launch a book for the children of the National school there .  Saturday is the second last day of creative until September when we will be launching our new collection of children's poems 'Golden Rhymes'.  The title here is a little pretentious as there is some work to be done on most of the poems but they have the summer to do it and everything should be ready for September.
Here is a sneak preview with a poem from Golden Rhymes.  I
It  is by 13 year old Sarah McShane from Navan
Sarah attends St. Michaels Loreto.


It is all around
But nobody notices
Man-kind has ruined
The landscape around
Changing our views
Time was, where you now sit
A land beyond dreams
With hill and mountains
Surrounding a valley
Where a waterfall once rippled
And a rainbow once shone
Brighter that any sun
Birds of the rarest kind flew
Unusual creatures once stood
No human dared touch
Nor dared to ruin the sight
That is now ruined by man-kind
Only a hundred years later
What you see now ruined the land
If you see another landscape, so beautiful
Please remember what I told you
In a million years it will not exist
Be cause of our descendents.

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