Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trying to write a Haiku

Had great fun during my recent visit to school getting students to write Haiku
Sticking with the traditional 5 7 5   three line Haiku we tried our collective hands at composing writing some.
Bearing in mind that the haiku should be a present tense snapshot of the moment

We began         Class of thirty two
                         Trying to write a Haiku

Then through it open to the youngsters to complete the third five syllable line
And we got ---- No homework today.
I personally think that this captures the essence of the Traditional Haiku except for one thing and that the haiku must have a reference to nature.  Recent changes in the form have suggested that there is no need for  the image to be natural but I personally like the references to nature.

It does however, fulfil all the other criteria including the fact that it captures the moment and will live with these young people for years to come.  A digital camera couldn’t have done anywhere as near to getting the image and would have produced a flat one dimensional image that would eventually have become nothing but a vague memory within a short time.
After two hours there was still no sign of boredom and right through the session the students kept filling in the last line with suggestions such as

Rain falling outside                5 Syllable

Scribbling scratching pens     5 Syllable

We eventually opted for the ---Rain falling outside because it had that change of direction and well rain is associated with nature.   
Would have loved to have progressed to the Tanka or even the Yenga but that is for another day. 
I have never met anyone that didn’t like the Haiku and writing a haiku every day in your journal is just about the best way to record your experiences

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